We are a “community” of individuals coming together for a common goal, to provide outstanding schools for the children in the Glendale Unified School District. Our “community” consists of teachers, dedicated to excellence; a school district, providing the support for that excellence; Business partners, who see the value in our mission and know that excellent schools benefit everyone; Alumni, who, first hand have benefited from that excellence; and every citizen in our school district who cares about quality education.

Working together, that synergy exemplifies who GEF is and what we are working towards; enriching the lives of every student in every school in our community.


Eric Hamilton, President

Dan Cabrera, Vice President

Roberta Currier, Vice President

Stephen Ropfogel, Vice President

Cindy Cleary, Secretary

Georgette Green, Treasurer

Toni Beck Espinoza, Past President

Board of Directors

Dan Beers

Kevin Cordova-Brookey

Yvette Davis

Lady Edwards

Marisol Espinoza

Neda Farhoumand

Marvel Ford

Jennifer Freemon

Wendell Farrell

Robert Gordon

Greg Grande

Traci Hamilton

Shakeh Haroutiounian

Kris Hons

Vrejh Hovsepian

Siva Iyar

Helen Magid

Elizabeth Manasserian

Carl Povilaitis

Nassif Shammaa

Pam Sorem

Karen Swan

Joylene Wagner


Winfred Roberson, Superintendent of Schools

Elsa P. Chagolla, Executive Director

Advisory Council

Richard Ayoob

Rebecca Delfino

Dr. Michael Escalante

Eileen Givens

Dr. Varoujan Gorjian

Lina Harper

Johnny Harrison

Dr. Steve Hodgson

Harry Hull

Kim Labinger

Philip S. Lanzafame

Mia Lee

Rick Lemmo

Ruth Lorenzana

Mona Marcos

Bob McFall

Lynn Miyamoto

Mike Mooslin

Gary Naeve

Jo Ness

Vic Pallos

Sunder Ramani

Richard Roche

Sandy Russell

John L. Sadd, Jr.

Chakib Sambar

Patty Scripter

Chip Stone

Tony Tartaglia

Cynthia Trangsrud

Susan Yee

Catherine Yesayan