Save the Music

GEF Save the Music Flyer

Picture if you can, the school orchestra at one of our local elementary schools, 4th, 5th and 6th graders all assembled, waiting to begin. The room is filled with excitement on the first day.

Some of these students have never picked up an instrument but this is their opportunity. The anticipation builds, everyone is excited to be part of “The School Orchestra”. Only, there’s a problem with this scenario.

What you don’t see are all of students in every school who won’t get that opportunity to play in the orchestra because, they don’t have an instrument. Why? Because they can’t afford one!

This scenario is played out year after year in each and every school in our District.

As you know, drastic cuts statewide have devastated our public educational system leaving schools literally limping along, just getting by. There is very little if any money for enrichment programs.

The great news is, YOU CAN HELP. You can change this scenario so that every school and every student has an opportunity to be a part of the music program. Who knows, maybe the next Yo Yo Ma will be born out of their experience at one of our GUSD schools. That would be exciting!

GEF and you, CAN and DOES make a Difference! We are so grateful to the support we have received from our Business Partners, Alumni and members of the community.

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