Honor Roll

Join the GEF Honor Roll to have a long-lasting and sustainable impact on the future of our community’s greatest assets, our schools! As a member of the GEF Honor Roll, you will make a monthly contribution which will help support and sustain Glendale Educational Foundation’s programs which serve our local schools and students. We appreciate the support of you and every community member who allow us to continue to improve the educational opportunities for our local students.

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Honor Roll Members

Scott Anderle
Elsie Anderson
David Beard
Toni Beck Espinoza
Dan Beers
Christine Beniez
Janet Buhl
Dan Cabrera
Rebecca Chaires
Cindy Cleary
Kevin Cordova-Brookey
Chris Coulter
Roberta Currier
Dr. Hamlet Davari
Yvette Davis
Jennifer De Ladurantey
Daniel DiMundo
Rick Dinger
Jennifer Earl Foss
Lady Edwards
Miryam Finkelberg
Marie Fish
Narine Gabuchian
Armina Gharpetian
Elissa Glickman
Georgette Green
Eric Hamilton
Traci Hamilton
Kris Hons
Susan Hunt
Phyllis Ishisaka
Helen Kantor
Cathy Keen
Kelly King
Kris Kohlmeier
Philip Lanzafame
Cynthia Livingston
Elizabeth Manasserian
Mary Mason
Cynthia McCarty
Roberta Medford
Lynn Miyamoto
Mike Mooslin
Selin Nazarians
Adam Newman
Laurel Patric
Jacqueline Perez
Carl Povilaitis
Sebastian Puccio
Deb Rinder
Suzanne Risse
Oscar Rodriguez
Giaconda Rodriguez-Padilla
Stephen Ropfogel
Sandy Russell
Shant Sahakian
Frank Saito
Melina Sardar
Jay Schwartz
Jaclyn Scott
Judith Seelig
Juanita Shahijanian
Scott Silver
Vardan Stepanyan
Jo Ann Stupakis
Mike Swan
Karen Swan
Karen Veloz
Peter Vidal
Joylene Wagner
Stephen Williams
Gregory Williams