GEF Summer School

Looking for summer school in Glendale? You’re at the right place! Check back for schedules, enrollment dates and other details for future terms.

GEF Summer School, Inc. is committed to providing a healthy and quality learning environment to allow students to accelerate and enhance their academic program.

Summer School 2019 Dates

Summer School is offered 5 Days a Week 
1st Semester – June 15 to June 30
2nd Semester – July 1 to July 15  (July 3rd is a holiday)

2019 Tuition

$600 for 10 Units
$300 for 5 Units

Reduced Rate for Students Receiving Free or Reduced Lunch:

$500 for 10 Units
$250 for 5 Units

High School, Summer School Course Offerings

Biology 1, 2
Chemistry 1, 2
Economics (one semester,  for students entering 12th grade)
Government (one semester, for students entering 12th grade)
Health (one semester)
Spanish 5, 6
U.S. History 1, 2 (for students entering 11th grade)
World History 1, 2  (for students entering 10th grade)

More Information

Click here to visit the GEF Summer School website for more information.