The GEF Student Grant Program was created to offer additional funding support to dynamic GUSD students who would like to launch an inventive project idea that will benefit GUSD, or for student groups in need of additional support to supplement an already existing program.

Read on for FAQ’S and basic information. 

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Who is eligible to take part in the GEF Student Grant Program?

Any GUSD student is eligible to apply for a GEF Student Grant. Parents, teachers, and staff are not eligible to apply for a GEF Student Grant. The grant request must be developed and completed by a student.

How can I take part in the GEF Student Grant Program?

In order to qualify for GEF Student Grant funds, you must FULLY complete the grant application so the GEF Committee can then evaluate your grant request.

What kinds of projects qualify for a GEF Student Grant?

Your grant request must fall within one of GEF’s three focus areas of: health/wellness, arts/creative, and science/technology/STEAM, and it must also somehow benefit GUSD.

Can my project be a new idea or does it have to connect to an already existing project/program?

New project ideas are accepted as well as support for existing projects. The key is that your project must somehow also benefit GUSD and must be tied to a GUSD on-campus program/project.

What kinds of projects are not eligible for a GEF Student Grant?

Projects taking place off-site from a GUSD campus; projects that do not benefit GUSD students; project requests exceeding more than $1,000; and projects submitted by an adult, GUSD teacher, or GUSD staff member.

How much student grant funding can I apply for?

The maximum amount of grant funding that can be requested is $1,000.

Why do I need to have a mentor sign-off on my project?

In order to be eligible for GEF Student Grant funds, every grant request must have a mentor, such as a teacher, counselor, coach, or project advisor, attached to the project. Your mentor must vouch for your grant request to indicate that your project is legitimate. You must also get a parent/guardian’s signature on your grant request with their contatct information indicated. If there is no mentor attached to the project or you did not get your parent/guardian’s signature, then GEF cannot consider your grant request. 

Where do I apply for a GEF Student Grant?

You can download the application on this page from the link above or fill in the online form. Complete every portion of the application as best as you can.

When are the grant applications due?

Grant applications will have a firm due date. Late applications will not be accepted.

Does GEF need a lot of detail and attachments with the Student Grant application?

Please keep your grant requests straight-forward and brief, but do your best to answer all the questions on the application. If you have any questions about completing the Student Grant request, please contact the GEF Executive Director, Romie Ruiz, at 818-247-0466 or at

Once I’ve applied for a student grant, what happens next?

The GEF Committee will review all the grant requests, then the committee will select student project requests that best meet the grant program requisites. Students who applied will be alerted by Monday, February 20, 2023 if they have been selected to move to the next round. Projects selected will then require the student requestor to prepare a short presentation about their grant request and their project/program for the GEF Committee. Students will be asked to make their presentation Shark Tank style, over Zoom, to the GEF Committee.

♦ What do you mean by a Shark Tank-style presentation?

A Shark Tank style presentation, similar to the ABC-TV show Shark Tank, is a sales pitch made that is heavily interactive and visual, which helps the judges better understand your idea or program.

What are the requisites for a Shark Tank-style presentation?

• Students will have one-week to prepare a short, Shark Tank style presentation for the GEF Student Grants Committee.

• You will have 3-5 minutes to explain, over Zoom:

  • What your project/program involves
  • How it benefits GUSD
  • Your presentation should address all of the additional questions on the application form
    • Visuals, music, and enthusiasm are encouraged!

Once I have made my Shark Tank style presentation to the GEF Committee, when will I learn if I am awarded a GEF Student Grant?

GEF will alert students of their grant awards. Students will be presented with their grant awards at the GUSD Board of Education Meeting.

By when does the student grant funding need to be spent?

Student Grant funds must be spent by, no later than, the end of the 2022-2023 school term, which officially ends on Tuesday, June 7, 2023.

Once I’ve spent the grant funds, do I need to follow-up with GEF?

Yes, students who are awarded grant funds will need to complete a reflection essay on how their GEF Student Grant funds were spent, how the funds helped to support their new or existing project/program, and how the funds helped to support their overall efforts. The adult/mentor/champion who initially signed off on their application must also vouch for the reflection essay.

Why do I need to have an adult/mentor/champion sign off on my student grant application?

GEF requests that students applying for grant funds have an adult/mentor/champion vouch for the grant request in order to certify that the program/project being put forth is legitimate, will ensure that grant funds will be utilized appropriately, and that the project/program is being supervised by an adult.

What if I need help completing the GEF Student Grant application or have questions about any portion of the application?

Please contact the GEF Executive Director, Romie Ruiz, at 818-247-0466 or at with any questions you may have regarding the grant application.

Where do I submit my Student Grant application?

Students must submit their grant request via the website form here or by downloading and emailing it to