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There are students in our district who live in motel rooms, cars and shelters. Many stay out late at night to help their single mothers work with no opportunity to complete homework, resulting in plummeting grades and self-esteem. There are also a growing number of foster and refugee youth who call Glendale home. All of these children often suffer from the destabilizing effects of trauma and lack of continuity in education. 

In order to provide crucial support for these students at the beginning of the upcoming school year, GEF has chosen to forgo this year's Diamonds Gala and are instead asking you to donate to our digital Helping Hands Fundraiser today.


Help us meet our goal to raise $100,000 by July 31st. This will fund specialized tutoring, afterschool enrichment and social support for our most vulnerable students, as well as ensure the continuation of our existing grants and workshops.

Our Helping Hands Fundraiser has four tiers of sponsorships for your consideration:

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